Sunday, December 22, 2013

9 Months of Bea

To be fair, I was warned.
Time would move twice as fast with two little ones around.

And I honestly do not know what happened to the last 9 months.  I looks back at pictures when Bea arrived and I can't remember the tiny baby snuggles, and Tillie looks like she is still a baby herself in those pictures.

And Bea is starting to seem less and less like a baby. 
Perhaps it is because she is like a micro-machine. Tiny, fast, and moves everywhere.
She doesn't quit moving.

It almost makes me long for those newborn days where I was scared to move for fear she would wake up.

But we are loving this stage. Bea is taking in more table foods, and is definitely enjoying food more now that she can attempt to put some in her mouth by herself. 
Taking fistfuls of food at one time and hoping at least one piece makes it into her mouth.
Again..a perfect house for a dog right now....anyone want to drop theirs off from 6:45-7:00 PM each night?

But even with her increased interest in food, she remains our little nugget, 
or more accurately our string BEAn. :)

9 Month Stats:
Height: 28.5" (98%)
Weight: 16lbs, 10 ounces (25%)

Perhaps she would be able to pack on the weight easier if she quit moving.

I am not kidding you, she climbed up our entire flight of stairs on Friday night. 
Which just boggles our minds...we are used to a child that didn't move until she was 12 months. Period. No moving. Just sitting and bossing.

Where did this girl get her motorin' skills?

And she has such a great little personality emerging.
Daycare has picked up on her maniacal laughter too, which helped Nate and I  ensure we weren't going crazy.

Beatrice will beeline for something she has spotted on the floor. 
And then when she reaches to grab it (with precision I would expect to carry over to actual table eating, but does not), she pops it into her mouth and lets out this devlish little giggle.

She will actually partake in giggle wars with you if she is in the right mood.
And, of course, she always wins.

We love our little Baby Bea. She is quite the catch and continues to steal our hearts day after day. Matilda may feel a little differently now that that also includes stealing her toys..but I think she is pretty jazzed by her baby sister...

**Fun game--of the weekly pictures listed above, Nate took one. Can anyone guess which one it is??


Anonymous said...

Looks like we will have to be on constant Bea patrol!!! See ya tomorrow!!!


Anonymous said...

37 weeker for Nate is my guess. Ya know ya feed and water the little nippers and up they grow like a weed.
Uncle Todd