Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Growing Bond

As Beatrice gets more mobile and interactive, Matilda vacillates between adoring her younger sister and staging a turf war to ensure that Bea in no way touches, or comes near, whatever toy she is currently playing with.

She loves seeing her face first thing in the moring, happily exclaiming "Good Morning, Bea!"
And in the next breath will make sure that Bea knows that those are her baby dolls.

Bea, on the other hand, 100% of the time love love loves Matilda.
Cracks up at her. With her. Crawls for her (and of course, all of her toys all of the can see our dilemma here)

And now that Beatrice is starting to walk/cruise it gets a little dicey because it feels like the damage of pushing down a standing baby vs. a baby that is just sitting up is much more signifcant.

So it's kind of full court press all of the time.

Most of the time, Bea surprises me with what she will tolerate and what she can endure without crying.

And now that she is an expert crawler, she can at least hatch her own escape route.

But most of all, we are seeing glimmers of a sister bond that I know will be unique. Unreplicable for anyone but the two of them. And I know that will also mean fighting about clothes. Friends. Boys. And probably things I can't even imagine at this point.

But I am excited for them. For the adventures they will have, and the memories they will create. Just the two of them, together.

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Anonymous said...

I "know' exacty how Bea feels being the youngest....I am going to have to dial her into the "traps" of amusment at her expense that lay ahead.
Uncle Todd