Thursday, November 7, 2013

Trick or Treat!

Halloween is sort of becoming one of my favorite holidays.
First of all it should really surprise no one since it revolves around candy.
And it only gets better when you have children to collect candy for you and then you steal every last piece of it.

But also it is a lower stakes holiday. Less expectations, less fuss about food.
And again, all about the candy.

And there are always so many fun parties to go to. Neighborhood parties. Friend parties. Trick or Treating. Parties with the AMMA babes.

And then there was the costume making.
I have tried to pick costumes that represent something Matilda is 'into'. 
And she loves nothing more than owls right now. Every time we go to the zoo, all she really cares about is the owl. The owl show. The owls that swoop and touch her head.

And so, owl costumes were made (because let's be honest, Bea doesn't exactly have interests at this point, and if she did it would be doing whatever Tillie was doing so it was quite fitting). My Mom made Beatrice's perfect costume. And I made Tillie's. It was quite the sewing adventure.

Tillie LOVED trick or treating. Going to each house. Knocking on the door.
Saying "Trick or Treat"
And then immediately saying "thank you" and "another house, Mama" as soon as the door closed.

We rodeo clowned her into thinking the candy was a surprise and that it had to go in her bucket in order to go another house, so she didn't actually get any candy.

but have NO FEAR people. She did get a treat. We made an "owl" pizza and she got a warm chocolate chip cookie fresh from the over--which is something she has never gotten at home before.

We were lucky enough to have Grandma up the weekend before to partake in the fun Halloween festivities, and she helped us capture lots of fun pictures of the girls in their costumes.

And since Halloween has concluded, Tillie asks me to take her Trick or Treating approximately 4 times a day, and predictably every night as we are driving home from daycare.....

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Anonymous said...

Awesome costumes! When I see Tillie with the camera I always think she looks like Boo from Monsters Inc.
Uncle Todd