Monday, November 25, 2013

A Tale of Two Dinners

Last night, we had quite possible one of the best dinners we have made for ourselves in a long long time. Don't get me wrong, we have actually done a really good job of continuing to cook and try new things (although I don't seem to get around to blogging about it), but we do. We still menu plan, and cook, and try new things.

So yesterday, as we were watching the Packer game, I told Nate he was on dinner duty. We hadn't planned anything and I was swamped with work, house and shower stuff. So he planned it out. About 30 minutes before we were going to eat, he gives me this warning:

" the dinner I planned is really complicated, sooooooo you are going to have to keep the girls busy".

Me: slightly annoyed, but up to the challenge.

AND IT WAS SO WORTH IT. OMG...delicious. You need to put this Chicken Piccata and this Brussel Sprout recipe on your next 'to try' list IMMEDIATELY.

All I can say is you know you have struck the brussel sprout jackpot when your TWO year old asks for not one, not two, but THREE helpings of them, and literally (and I kid you not) claps her hands when you ask her if she wants more.

Contrast that to tonight, where we were so proud of ourselves for pre-making the turkey meatballs for our spaghetti last night, and somehow the whole dish smelled and tasted like raw turkey. It was sooooo gross Nate wouldn't even eat it.

Ugh. We both were horrified. The worst thing is that we have made this recipe numerous times before too. Epic fail. Would have felt much worse if it wasn't for the delicious amazingness that occurred last night.

Life lesson learned: this is why we always try new recipes. Because that way you can always blame the bad recipe vs. your bad cooking skills. :)


Lot 10 Linden Grove said...

you haven't hit the brussel sprout've hit the 2 year old jackpot!!!

Anonymous said...

Mom seemed to have an unwritten rule that food was done once it started smoking and had that black look to it. Nothing was ever cooked to raw....the fire alarm was the new fangled triangle that used to signal supper time....
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

So the whack at the brussels ended in the ginger getting the living piss burnt out of it while heating the oil as distractions including dogs and beer happened. Second attempt much better. Next day did it again but also added baby carrots to the brussels...smashing!
Uncle Todd

Greta Hanson said...

That's awesome Todd!!