Sunday, November 3, 2013

DST Hell

One hour.
60 Minutes.

A normally swift, brief and un-noticeable amount of time.
Unless, of course, it is an hour that gets ADDED to your day, in the middle of the night.
And renders your children (correction, your eldest child) a monster.

Don't get my wrong, I love Matilda. So much.
But today was a day that tried even Nate's patience--which extends far beyond mine.

Beatrice acted like the extra hour never happened (unless of course you count her wake-up time of 4:17AM this morning).
But Tillie....Tillie, Tillie, Tillie.

Whining. Crying. Cutting a molar. Hungry all day. Tired all day. Sassy all day.
Only wanting the Daddy all day.
At one point she burped and barfed a little at the same time.
Seriously, that legit happened.

It was one of those days that Nate turns to me and says I know how I am getting through the evening, and it's in the fridge (i.e. beer), how are you?

And since I am not a fan of beer, I turned to the Halloween bowl and ate about 374 tootsie rolls.
And I felt better and worse all at the same time.

But tomorrow is a new day, and I am hoping the little "alarm" goes off later than 4:17.
And even if it doesn't, at least this alarm is quite cute.

Early Morning update: Both of the girls are still totally screwed up. 4:30 wake-ups all around.
I am currently toggling between exhausted despair that we are in for another 6 months of this (which is pretty much what happened last year with Tillie and was and I wish I was kidding JUST getting back to normal people time) and pure fury at whoever is still allowing this madness to occur in modern day and age.

Who cares if it is dark out at 8AM and light out at 6PM? Not me. I prefer it that way. Although the truth is I prefer it any way that gets my kids to sleep.


Anonymous said...

I remember DST would throw mom off for about 4 months...just in time to flip it back. Since the metric system pretty much flopped here in the states, (when I was a kid there was a big push to learn metric because USA was going metric) I suggest we move the time 30 minutes and be done with it. Screw the rest of the world...
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Hope Tillie gets her time figured out before the weekend....or she will have to go hunting with Pop Pop!!!


Anonymous said...

Overnight ship that 3T camo gear! It sure would be fun to see Tillie hunting with Pop Pop. Maybe Leo could go to with now that he has been bear hunting! Hang in There, Mom

H.Maxwell said...

This post makes me nervous to have our child. No really it does. ;-)