Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Games We Play

It's happening.
Bea is turning that corner of 'lump of flesh passed from knee to bouncy seat' to 'actual human being that does cool stuff.'

Early this week, I gave Bea a toy to play with. 
Alright fine, in truth I gave her a cap to my pumping bottle in hopes it would distract her long enough to quick clean up a few things.

But guess what? It worked.
She found that thing freaking fascinating.

In fact, it was the first time she purposefully did something over and over again for a reaction out of us. She would smack the cap on the table and then lift it up and peek underneath her arm. We would all clap and yell yeah!, and then she would bounce in her seat.

Tillie got involved (and of course needed a cap of her own), and she thought it was pretty cool.
Although, now everytime that Beatrice is in the bumbo, Tillie wants us to give her a cap and she says "Mama, Bea cap. Go Boom Boom, YAY!"

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Anonymous said...

Oh don't under estimate the fasination of cap technology. Go check out the roots by digging into the changes of how to put a top on a bottle of beer.
Uncle Todd