Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kids will be Kids

What is this? Two posts in two days?
You all can thank Kira (friend, co-worker and clearly knower of all IT secrets) for this one as she helped me crack the IT code (see what I did there) to make blogging possible from this computer.

Anyway, last weekend we decided at the very very last minute (and I mean VERY) to head to VIroqua since the Keaty's would be there and Matilda loves her cousins more than life.

Nate and I were so proud of ourselves for being so spontaneous, not something that is typically associated with me......and we had a ton of fun.

Here is Matilda "flying" off of the deck....can't you tell how high she was jumping?

and the best part of Viroqua--HUGE lawns to run the kids.
Run em'. Run em'. Run em'.

The longer they run, the longer they sleep.

At least that is the hope...


Lot 10 Linden Grove said...

Who is Kira and can you please connect me. I guarantee blogging won't pick up, but Chrome would be nice. Spill it.

Anonymous said...

I bet Kira sits on top of a big pointy hill wearing a flowing robe and on the weekends goes by the name Yoda. Tin foil hat???
Uncle Todd