Friday, October 11, 2013

Driving Miss Tillie

Current favorite game in our house: "driving".

So while the weather lasts, and the daylight still shines, we open up the car and let Tillie drive.

 She has been known to turn the radio on, much much to loud, and then she basically starts crying/whining and yelling "its too loud' until we come help turn it off again.

She has actually managed to change my dashboard setting so that the temperature and direction no longer show up and I seriously cannot figure out how to get them back. I suppose this is just the beginning of her being light years ahead of me in all things technology.

After she is done driving, she crawls in the buckle and says: "Lets go bye bye. Grandma and Pop Pop!". The girl knows where a long car ride leads.....

Oh, and update on my last post "sick days": You people think I am being dramatic, but let me drop some Hanson reality on you....this week Bea went down with a fever and Wednesday and has been out of daycare You know that that menas right? Because this child is not quite able to hang out at home by herself? That's right. Calendar roulette.

who has tips for us on how to survive the cold and flu season??? With our sanity, and jobs intact?


Anonymous said...

Will have to get Tillie in the Big Ford!!!

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine regaled me this story. They were setting up the tents for camping and the 16 year old daughter didn't want to help so she hid in moms car. Layed the passenger seat down in make out mode then being bored was tossing about and didn't notice she had knocked the stick into neutral until she felt the car being jostled about. Thinking it was her brother bugging her she sat up only to find she was on her way to the lake. She opened the car door and jumped out hanging onto the door while trying to stop the car Fred Flinstone style....just in time to hit the lone tree feet from the edge of the lake square in the center of the front end. The sudden stop assisted her in springing the door hinge as her mass continued a bit longer than the car....hurting her knee again...which had just had surgery.
Set the emergency brake....or your car might make it to the lake....
Uncle Todd