Friday, March 22, 2013

Wild Week

While Tillie was busy 'studying' jungle animals this week at daycare, things got a little wild for the adults in the house too!

I found out Wednesday morning at my 39 week doctor's appointment that Baby GH decided to take up shop with her head up and butt down. Not ideal for delivery.

Fast forward 24 hours later (and a couple of crying phone calls, lots of disappointment, and some swearing), and Nate and I are in the hospital labor and delivery unit. Things felt VERY real at that point--surrounded by a birthing whirlpool tub, having the monitors strapped to my stomach, and thanking god for really great nurses.

I've always been a huge fan of my Doctor, but the nurse told me before she got there that my doctor was really good at flipping babies. And she was. With a lot of pushing and...well...really lots of pushing....she was able to get our little nugget to do a little somersault and get into the right position.

I'm not going to lie. It hurt pretty bad, but I honestly didn't even let myself think about it because I was really trying to relax so baby could move as easily as possible. Now, we are just hoping that baby doesn't get any ideas to try her gymnast skills by flipping again.

And in the meantime, apparently I am already having contractions but just can't feel them because they were registering on the monitors, so I am hopeful that means labor will be right around the corner. Bigger news is right around the corner!


Anonymous said...

Baby GH2 just got tired on Tillie sitting on her and hide her face under your rib cage.....Can't wait for her to arrive. See you soon, Mom

Anonymous said...

Sounds like another Nadia Comaneci in the making...
Uncle Todd