Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Forced Empathy Building

For the last two+ weeks, Nate and I have lamented many a night about how crabby and whiny Matilda has been. Sure she had a double ear infection and double pink eye, but she got meds so that shouldn't be an issue anymore, right? And yes, her cold has lingered for going on 3 weeks, but it's just a cold. Right?

In the last 24 hours, karma has slapped me with a 'mama-reality check'.
Yesterday, we found out Matilda's ears had actually not cleared, and were still, in fact infected. Onto the stronger antibiotic. And my nagging cold that I was willing, wishing, praying away came forward with full force yesterday and sent me into one very sleepless night last night. And I am totally miserable.

In fact, my ear started hurting.

So today, I went to the doctor at work, and they told me:
"Your right ear is trying really hard to be infected, and judging by what it looks like you are on the beginning front of this infection not the end."


And then it dawned on me. My ear isn't even infected, and I am a whiny, pissed-off mess. I am crabby and tired and uncomfortable, and if someone would pick me up to make me feel better I would probably follow them around until they did too. And I probably wouldn't eat everything they put in front of me. And I would probably wake up crying every single morning, way earlier than is humanly acceptable.

Let's be honest. I practically woke-up crying this morning. (although the term 'woke-up' implies I had actually been sleeping).

Now, imagine having an ear infection for 14 days. Because that is Matilda's world right now. So, while I am still cursing the universe for inflicting this terrible cold on me 3 weeks before I am due amidst trying to get everything possible done around the house, I am also thanking the universe. For bringing me a dose of reality that will hopefully translate into more patience and understanding for the little munchkin in my life.

(*Do you hear that UNIVERSE? Lesson learned. Let's make this cold brief, shall we?)


Anonymous said...

As much as this sucks right now, it can always be worse. Like a kidney stone this too shall pass.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

The cavalry is on the way tomorrow!!!! Hang in there!!!