Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nothing but Matilda

This week has been spent watching a whole lot of basketball, and celebrating a few 'nothin' but net' moments that saved or busted our brackets.

And tonight, as I pause to blog between random pre-labor contractions, I cannot help but to think of nothing but Matilda. I struggle to think about the 2nd baby, and the same sort of hopes and aspirations I was having for the unborn baby Matilda the night before she was born. Rather my mind continues to drift back to this adorable face.

All of the things she has learned in the past year.
All of the things she has taught me.

All of the things we both have left to learn as parents.

Matilda, who has decided she is going to start to try to fill our shoes.

Little does she know there is another little one on the way who will be working to fill her shoes.


Anonymous said...

Greta did you put the blue eyed contacts in for you and Til in the picture...limpid pools of blue...
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Great post Greta and Thanks for noticing how BLUE Til's eyes were in these photo's. Love, Mom