Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Translation Tuesday: Mama Rodeo Clown

Recently, Matilda has been almost unbearable clingable--but just to me. We say she is working through some Mama issues, but who knows.

After our last babysitting debacle in which Matilda just cried and cried and cried when I left, I was literally petrified at what would happen on Friday when we left for our baby-swap date with our neighbors. So after much deliberation on whether or not we would just wait to leave after bedtime or what the best approach was, we hatched a new plan: the mama rodeo clown.

It went perfectly.
Nate got home on-time.
We played.
Then he swept Matilda off into the stroller and off to the park they went to play.
I got ready for our date, and drove off to the grocery store to kill some time while the 'switch' took place.
Pulled up to pick up my hot date, and we were off.

I was almost scared to ask how it went (but of course could not help myself)--and Nate said: "she barely noticed I left"

Of course, instead of immediately doing high kicks and fist pumps, I had to doubt--are you just not telling me so I enjoy myself? Are you telling me the truth? And yes, in fact he was. TRIUMPH!!! This could not be my clingy little baby! But it was.

The Mama rodeo clown is currently being employed in the morning as well....as long as Matilda doesn't see me in the morning, she does great. Once she sees me though--it's over. All she wants is to be in my lap or in my arms--which wouldn't be such a problem if I didn't need my arms to dress myself, take a shower, blow-dry my hair, pack lunch...and so on.

On another note--I highly recommend a baby date night swap. Especially when your night of baby duty includes watching perhaps the most chill baby on the planet. I am wondering if my 15-month old can take notes from a 4-month old??

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