Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Minnesota Food Fest

Nate and I were very spoiled last week to get to go on a date during the week while my friend's Mom watched Matilda. (who tried her darndest to ensure we never get another babysitter every again by being a little devil child....) but enough about that. We were child-free, on a gorgeous night, with free tickets to the State Fair in hand.

Historically, we have been an every-other-year State Fair family. And this was our year to go, and had a lot of guilt about not bringing Tillie as she would certainly enjoy it--especially the animals. But off we went, with visions of corn dogs in our heads.

So here is the thing...we had fun, but mostly because it was just the two of us, alone, and enjoying each other. I think we need a lesson in how to LOVE the State Fair, because the bottom line is, we just don't really.

My key take-away is that it is just a ton of people, eating an overload of crappy (both in quality and in nutrition) over-priced food. We actually walked through some of the animal barns and they were all like half-empty. We could see more at the Vernon County Fair. The vendors feel like they are hawking 'as seen on TV' goods.

So, who out there, can help me see this event which will obviously be a part of my life as long as I live in MN, through rose-colored glasses? What are we missing? Is it a spirit I need to embrace or things to do we have just overlooked?!


McLean said...

No help here. I hate it!

Anonymous said...

Ya'll need to load up on the PBR then the pigs look purtier...'
Uncle Todd

Sina Teskey, RD, LD said...

Greta- I'm no better I just don't like it either. Maybe next year we can go for a Hanson/Teskey combo night...the company of each other may make it better..then again I can just buy us some corn dogs and we could sit in our backyards and bring Tenley, animals and babies...same thing right...Sina