Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gender Confused

File this under one of those things that shouldn't bother me, but for whatever reason it did.

Yesterday, we went about our normal Saturday business--awesome breakfast with friends, errands, park, etc--and Matilda was dressed in her cute little blue jeans and her Badger gear (because let's face it they need all the help and good luck charms they can get).

And all day, "what a cute little boy".

I cannot articulate why these incessant comments bothered me. First of all, I wanted to say do you NOT see her pink shoes? Did you not notice the little rouching on the t-shirt--clearly a girls shirt. And then I started to get more philosophical--so just because she has a sports shirt on, she is automatically a boy? Why can't girls wear sports shirts?

Clearly this is why her Aunt Marna made her tutus last year. To just bypass this issue while wearing her sports colors.

And it was a little ridiculous HOW many people said something to us yesterday. Don't get me wrong, Matilda will often get a few 'she is so precious' 'so cute' etc while out (Let's be honest--all kids do), but yesterday it was like every.single.person. So maybe the fact that people thought she was a boy, but she had girlie cuteness made her stand-out more? I don't know.

Good thing we didn't have her Badger stocking hat on too, or I may have ended up having to enforce the Justice Police on someone.


Anonymous said...

Next time you should say "well if she wants to be a boy she can make that decision herself but I'm not going to pay for it".
Uncle Todd

H.Maxwell said...

Your Uncle Todd is HILARIOUS!! This annoys me SO MUCH! It's so annoying to me that little girls are most often in cheerleader outfits and often not even wearing the team colors! What's the point?? Are you cheering for team pink? UGH. If I ever had a girl I refuse to put her in cheerleader outfits. Jersey or t-shirt with team colors all the way!! The players win the games, not the cheerleaders. :)

yes, and that's how I really feel. LOL

Schulz Family said...

Evie also got a lot of "boy" comments when she was little. It annoyed the crap out of me. I came to the conclusion that it had more to do with hair (or lack of it) than anything else. People stopped guessing she was a boy once her hair grew out. Makes me wonder if 2-year-old boys with longer hair often get mistaken for girls?