Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I've Got Nothing

My creative juices have quit flowing.
I have no new cute photos or milestones to share.
The few blog ideas I have in the hopper seem like all too much work to finish tonight.

And yet, I am staring at an old blog post and it feels like I need to get an update down on 'paper'.

But that update would include a whole lot of nothing: went to work, wrote some emails, sat in some meetings, fed Matilda, bathed Matilda, slept Matilda, watched some TV. Rinse. Repeat. Repeat again.

Maybe do some (get excited here people) laundry. Or even read some magazines.
We need some ideas for date nights at home.
Actually we need an idea for a legitimate date night this Friday as my friend, Marie, is adamant about babysitting.

So send us your ideas. Suggestions. Tips.


Anonymous said...

Overnight Mail Tillie to Vernon County....You guys can have a whole weekend, week, or even a month...We'll keep her on schedule!!!!


McLean said...

Yes, I am "adament" about watching Tillie. So excited!! Do I need to provide date night ideas too? That would cost more!

Anonymous said...

I recomend an evening of shopping at Menards.
Uncle Todd

H.Maxwell said...

Bryant Lake Bowl and drinks
Elsie's Lounge
Psycho Suzie's
Seven Sushi- go rooftop!
Brit's Pub- roof top
Pick a random Indie movie in Uptown

...and top it all off with Sebastian Joe's ice cream. mmmm