Wednesday, June 27, 2012

AMMA Babes

I'm not sure I could have survived the first year of motherhood without the circle of friends who gave me advice, lended a listening ear, dropped off food that kept me alive, gave me a shoulder to cry on and who offered support in so many ways.

Being a new Mom is tough. Your body is raging with crazy hormones, you are dealing with a lot of change, and a lot of uncertainty. And if you can surround yourself with people that reassure you through the hormones, help you through the change, and provide some calm advice you will be a happier person

I was so fortuante to fall into a group of women who were fast-friends through AMMA Maternity, as part of my 'new mama' class.

From sharing our birth stories, the trials and tribulation of breast-feeding, asking for sleep advice, feeding advice, job advice, these women were there. They quickly became my go-to panel of experts before I would consider calling our pediatrician.

Nursing at 3AM in the morning...most likely one these gals was also online and providing some form of entertain ment to get me through the night.

It's hard to believe that this is what happened through-out the year:

On Sunday, we all got together to celebrate these babes turning 1. And it was a birthday miracle that they all sat still in one place for long enough to snap a picture of all of them.

And because I know so many of you were very upset at the injustice of Matilda not getting cake on her 1st birthday, you will be happy to know that she got cake. Not only did she get a cupcake, but I'm pretty sure she ate about 3/4 of Sam's cupcake. She took hers down in three giant handfuls, and immediately turned to Sam's cupcake and dominated it.
As you can tell, the sugar was enjoyed by all....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of my AMMA babies. I can't wait to see you all grow big together. I'm pretty sure we will have to rent out a padded room for the 2nd birthday.....


Suzanne Haag said...

I'm pretty sure AMMA Maternity saved my life when Reese was a newborn... Or at least saved my sanity. So glad you enjoyed it!

KTufford said...

Awwww! I am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful group of ladies! Thanks for a perfect summation, Greta!