Monday, June 25, 2012

Catching Up

Apparently we have been too busy having fun, because I am so dreadfully behind on the blog.
So indulge me in a very fast, abbreviated version of all of the fun that has been happening in our home the last few weeks.

We had so much family in town for Matilda's birthday. It was loads of fun to see everyone. The cousins even got to hit the town to take on teh Drunken Spelling Bee. The Keaty's were here from Chicago. The Grandparents  and Schulz's were here from WI. And the 'other' Ekerns were here all the way from FLORIDA and St. Louis.

Leo literally ate about half of an entire watermelon.

And Finn and Tillie enjoyed breakfast together. Finn took care to help Matilda eat her food... I think Matilda was more worried that Finn was tryin gto steal her pancake.

Rub a Dub Dub -- three cousins in the tub. It's so fun to get to watch these three actually PLAY together now. Leo is talking like crazy, and it is so fun to hear him give Tillie toys.

And because Uncle Nate always thinks of the 'coolest games', Finn got pretty amped to be playing Ninja Jumping off of our porch. Very safe, Nate.

We got to check out the splash-pad, which was a favorite for all the kids, and I was pretty stoked to get a litle sun on these pasty legs.

And, this past weekend was filled with lots of movie watching at night, a 5K run for charity, and the Pride Fest with Emily and Tundra. And I am here to tell you that Tundra with her little bow in her hair, stole the show.

So there it is. They very quick, kind of lame, but at least I am sharing some of these photos, review of some of the fun we have been having.

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Fun time it was Gert!!!