Saturday, December 10, 2011

Baby Cuteness Overload

Warning: The following post contains an obscene amoutn of baby cuteness. If you cannot tolerate saying "aww" or "sooo cute" more than 3 times in a 10 minutes period, please shut down your internet browser and walk away.

This Saturday we got together with my Amma friends--6 other ladies who have babies with a few weeks of Matilda. We all met in new new mama class at Amma Maternity (also known as the place that helped me keep my sanity the first 3 months of motherhood). I was very very lucky to have such a great group of women in that class, and we continue to get together both with and without the babes.

Well, imagine all 7 babies dressed to their 'holidy nines', and also dressed in their holiday 'birthday suits' playing for 2 hours, meeting Santa and exchanging gifts. It was so freaking cute.

Matilda, as you can imagine, was very excited.

She loved holding hands with her buddy Peyton.

And was happy to be a part of the baby triangle of love. Do you see all 3 of these babies holding hands? Ugh I am dying of cuteness right now.

Matilda even got to meet Santa. Look you recognize him?


Clearly he is going for Dad and Husband of the year. Check him out handling 7 babies at one time, without breaking a sweat. And none of them are even crying.

And then we got the babies Nudie...wearing Santa hats. Prepare yourself people....

Matilda seems to think that any fingers, or any toes--are hers for the taking and are to be directly inserted into her mouth.

Nothing says true love like teething on another person's fingers.

It was such a great afternoon. So much fun to see everyone's babies, and watch them all play together.

And I can say that we made it through our first Santa visit without tears...may have been because Matilda sensed something 'familiar' about this jolly guy....


Anonymous said...

Great pictures Gert!!! I thought I had the lead for husband of the year...but I'm going to vote for Nate too!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL Reid! I am going to vote for Nate too but you come in a very close I came home from MN to clean windows. Now if we get snow, it will really sparkle. How adorable is that bunch of baby friends ;) Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Now Nate knows how John Walton (Sr) (that would be John Boys dad) felt at Christmas.
Uncle Todd