Friday, September 9, 2011

The Way It Should Be

I recently ordered a few prints to hang in Matilda's nursery from a website called Zulily ( Essentially, it is a 'deal a day' sort of site with different brands, and products featured on discount every day.

I drooled over this site when I was pregnant, just waiting for the day that I knew the gender of Baby H. So once I found it it was a girl, and Matilda was in our lives I hunted for cute clothes, things for the nursery, etc.

So, I found these prints and ordered 2 of them. Well, I get the package this week and there is only ONE of the prints, and they packaged it--folded in half. So now, there is this GIANT crease down the middle of the print.

I decided to do something I hardly ever do--especially now that time seems to be just a little bit more previous--and emailed their customer service line.

Imagine my surprise when I get a PHONE CALL last night while we were watching the Packers (GO PACK!), from a customer service rep who wanted to me to know that they were going to not only refund my money but give me additional credit to their site for my inconvenience. He wanted to get back to me PERSONALLY, and not just send an impersonal email back.

I couldn't believe it. It is so rare to get good customer service 'these days' so when you do find it, relish in it and be loyal to those places that give it to you. I know I will be a Zulily fan for life!


Suzanne Haag said...

Very nice. I love Zulilly. Just ordered some things last week.

Anonymous said...

Valid complaints handled in a respectful way are appreciated instead of just telling everyone negative things without them having a chance to correct the error. Sounds like it was a success all the way around. Also, because good service is not as common I go out of my way to comment that I noticed. I saw a bumper sticker I loved: "Humankind" Be Both
Anxious to see you, love, Mom

Becca said...

Awesome! I have yet to order from there, but like checking the site out. It is rare to get a phone call of all things. Wow! :) That is awesome.