Monday, April 18, 2011

For Better and For Worse

This weekend started out top notch. Dinner and Bocce with friends Friday night. Lots of Birthday wishes in the mail. First Class upgrades for Nate and I and a weekend away in NYC before my week of work in NYC.

We decided to seize the very fleeting opportunities to get away sans child, or the responsibility of finding childcare, and off to NYC we went. We started the day shopping in Soho, and the obligatory trip to Grand Central.

After standing in the rain for 1 hour in the TKTS line, I thought my head was going to explode when the people in front of us took 20 minutes to decide and complete their transaction once they got to the window. But all was not lost as we got tickets to go to the new Wonderland musical, which was great. We hit up Restaurant Row for an amazing dinner at a wine bar--hold the wine.

And the, Sunday was the day of the Hipster.

We headed for Brooklyn, where the hipster to other fill-in-the-blank stereotpye, was off the charts. We decided to forego the subway and take the bridge across. It was beautiful.

Next up was Brooklyn Flea which was this amazing little market filled with used goods, new goods, and freaking delicious good to be purchased. Can you say Doughnut of the Century?

Now this is where there will be some groans, but I have to give mad props to Nate, who found a quiet park for us to rest in after a full day of walking and literally rubbed my achy, smelly, probably sweaty feet.

All of this fun activity led us to a comedy show we read about in Time Out NY. It was kind hilarious because it was about 10 different comedians. One of them started by asking if anyone was pregnants, I raised my hand and he cracked some jokes. Then the next guy asked if anyone was STILL to sign up for Facebook and Nate was the only one and literally everyone gave him a round of applause.

And remember this website:  Well Nate and I were saying it all day while we were in Brooklyn, and it literally came full circle when one of the comedians that stood up at the show was the WRITER of this blog, and from MN.

And thsi is where the magical NYC fairy tale ends. Notice the tank top above. was freezing cold here too. Nope--I was just starting to overheat. One would chalk this up to pregnancy. I did. Nate did.

And then I almost passed out on the subway platform. Fast forward to throwing up all day, and a bunch of other ugly things you don't want to hear about and I am one miserable preggo stuck in a hotel in NYC. Nate left this afternoon to go back as planned, and I'm not sure he was feeling any better about leaving me than I was period.

I've decided that there is nothing worse than being sick and away from home AND pregnant. Try to top it. I've been sick and away from home and it sucked.
I've been sick while pregnant and it sucked.
But the combo of all 3 is killer.
Looking forward to hitting the friendly skies back to Minneapolis, where my bed, husband, and doctor is soon.


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better and get back home ok...Dad has his worry hat on...;)))!!

Anonymous said...

Have been thinking about you and hope you are better today. Sure looks like you had a fun couple of days. YES, if dad didn't have a "No fly rule" I think he would have gone to NYC to pick you up! Take care and love to you, Mom

Becca said...

Sorry your trip ended up being shitty. :( Looks like you got some fun in while you could. Hope you can make it to Viroqua this weekend!??!