Monday, April 11, 2011

Blog Ponderings

I have a lot to blog about today (mainly the stunning gorgeousness that was Katie as a bride this weekend), but I had a camera malfunction and am waiting for more pictures to truly do it justice.

In the meantime, I have had a number of people ask me how we were going to incorporate Baby H into the blog.

The reality is of course Baby H will be a HUGE part of everything we do going forward. But true to the name of this blog, I think Nate and I will continue to try build our nest the best way we can, and stay true to ourselves in the process. I hope and pray that we can encompass this baby with all of our love, but do it without losing ourselves, or the "Nate + Greta" that make us, us.

Given that, Here is what I know for sure is what we won't do with this blog:
  • make it all baby all the time.
  • Lose our sense of humor and sarcasm
  • Tell you about every. single. detail. about baby right down to every last dirty diaper.
So if you have any ideas, or suggestions about how to incorporate "baby" into "blog" I would love to hear them.

 And if you want  to hear about every dirty diaper, I could humor that request...after all there would probably be some GREAT visuals.....


Anonymous said...

you could have a baby day once a week and then you can still do your meal post which i always like and you and nate can still give us insight to all of your other life adventures


H.Maxwell said...

you could have a separate baby blog as an of shoot to this blog. gotta be honest most of my friends with kids lose their identities as a couple in kid. It just seems to happen. It's a fear of mine. You guys seems super cool so I doubt it will happen to you. I just think the baby will be along for a great Nate+Greta adventure! :)

Anonymous said...

I am sure you will figure it all out, I hope there will still be secret date night.

Anonymous said...

post pictures of diaper blow outs....


Anonymous said...

Date night, family night, photo's, food posts.....I LOVE them all and look forward to every one of them. Can't wait to see the growing baby bump at Easter, Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Baby H sounds like a spy name. Who are you? I am Aiche, Aiche Hanson, Baby Aiche to my arch rivals.
Uncle Todd

Emily E. said...

I am gonna need more than one baby post a week I think because you guys are too cool to lose yourself in the baby and you will have interesting and funny things to say about said baby. I vote just doing what you always do and adding in baby posts when they happen. Hell, my blog might as well be all about Tundra and she's a puppy.