Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why I Love My Job

At General Mills, we do a huge United Way campaign every year (we are talking raising $8 million dollars here people), and I serve as the Marketing Co-Chair with Susan (a fellow employee). It is always really fun, but this year we really wanted to break the mold, and what better way to do that than to put on a flash mob, smack dab in the middle of the cafeteria.

Some of you may be asking "what in the hell is a flash mob (Dad....)"? Well essentially it is a bunch of people that do a planned dance right in the middle of every day life with unsuspecting people all around.

Oh yeah, we did it. And maybe it was only fun because I helped coordinate it. But to see something that Susan and I joked about during an over-caffeinated brainstorm ACTUALLY come to life, was awesome. To find 30 people willing to make a fool of themselves in front of co-workers, a person who did amazing choreography and get facilities to approve (the real hardship) was amazing.

Butr we did it! And here is the proof...
*Note our campaign theme is Be a Community Hero and has all sorts of fun comic-y graphics--hence the song choice:


Anonymous said...

That was cool! Next time you put together a flash mob can it be more old know flashing hooters!?!? There is flashing at the hospital but sadly it is just gowns not tied in the back...and it is never something you really want to see much like a bad car wreck, you just hafta look.
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Holy Moly Gert!!! Were you one of the dancers??? Good luck on raising the 8 million!!!

I might try this at Liberty...maybe a different tune, but still try it..


Greta Hanson said...

Yeah Dad! I was one of the dancers! I sold it into the Campaign Chairperson, and then found the choreographer and a few brave souls to actually do it!!

I could help you get somethign going at LIberty... :)

Amy said...


YOU ARE BLOODY AWESOME!!!! I loovved this!!

H.Maxwell said...

That was great! I so would have been one of your volunteer dancers if I was still at GMI. Nice job Greta!

emily said...

so awesome, g.