Wednesday, September 15, 2010

To the Moon and Back

Well....that may be a slight over-exaggeration. But I am going to LA and back today. And I have to say I am SO not jazzed about this.

I've done the out and back twice before and it is not exactly enjoyable to be on a plane for 8 hours in one day and not be somewhere fabulous like London or Paris or Hawaii for that matter.

It's just enough time for me to get to the Universal Lot, have a meeting, grab some dinner and get back to the airport for the red-eye home. Which of course means I am going to be an AWESOME person to be around tomorrow. If you have the potential of interacting with me tomorrow consider this your fair warning. :)

Nate had class the last two nights, I am gone tonight, tomorrow night is crazy work night and we have a wedding Friday night, so when we leave for vacation on Saturday it will be a reunion of sorts where we will start with the question that has recently morphed from 'how was your day' to 'how was your week'?

Can. Not. Wait. to sleep, read, snuggle with Leo, play with Finn, do some fishing, and just relax........


Anonymous said...

Ya know you could always move back to Vernon county, turn Amish and not worry about airplanes...there are no red eye horse and buggy rides. Heck even though you are married I bet you could still go out spooning on Thursday nights. (Amish version of date night...and probably not the definition of spooning you are thinking...I can explain if needed).
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Boat time, Greta, Boat time....:))
I'm sure Little Leo and Finnegan will be spoiled the whole week by Aunt Candy..Hope your trip went well..


H.Maxwell said...

can so relate to the "how was your week" type of week. enjoy your vaca. I've enjoyed your blog.