Sunday, September 26, 2010

From 60 to 0 in 24 Hours

That's what happens when you head up North for the annual family vacation. From papers and exams for Nate to plans presentations for me our daily life screeched to a halt for a much more preferable schedule of sleeping in, playing with Finn, snuggling Leo, fishing, eating, watching TV and playing games. Ahhh...I feel more relaxed just typing those words.

Look at this place---does it get more serene than this?
It was a little chilly out so the Ugg's came in handy. Finn liked them too.

 It was game on once the boys came in from Muskie fishing, and we had one EPIC battle of Killer Bunnies, which ended with me having so many bunnies I didn't know what to do with them all. You see that half-circle of cards that looks like it is smiling at you? Well those were my bunnies...

 There was lots of quality time with the boys. It was so great getting to spend so much time with them, but I am going through serious withdrawal now. Finn is at such a fun age, and cracked me up all week long.

 There was even some excitement in the boat as Finn caught his first fish---although it wasn't quite a catch so much as it was a little 'magic trick' by Grandpa. Either way, Finn was pretty proud of himself and even got to accompany Grandpa to the lodge for a victory Kiddie Cocktail.

I have some great video of the week but my AV guy is gone to CA, and I can't figure out how to get video off of my phone (to be honest I am pretty darn proud that I was able to get the photos off).
BUT, I leave you with a great series of pictures taken with the reverse lens on my phone. Finn was SO excited that he could see both of us....which made for some great photo ops! fun.


Anonymous said...

Great Pics Gert!!!! It WAS A VERY FUN WEEK!!! Hopefully we can get the gang together again next year!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ditto, it is always fun to be together and make family memories. Hopefully a earlier Sept. week will work for next year - we have the big house reserved! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Looks like a good time. With all the rain I was thinking you guys were going to have to build an ark to get home.
Uncle Todd

meghan said...

dude, i'm super impressed with your bunny situation. seriously.