Thursday, February 10, 2011

Magazine Cuisine: Episode 3

So I realize that the fact that we are only on episode 3 of the 2011 cookbook does not bode well. But the reality is we have  been cooking quite a bit, just have literally not had time (or in some cases the energy) to blog at night.

So, rewind like 2 weeks when this masterpeice came out of our kitchen:

Herbed Chicken and Parsley Orzo

Now, on first blush  this does not look special. It's chicken and pasta right?


First of all, we have had some epic fails on chicken, but for some reason this was the moistest (is that a word), most flavorful chicken ever.

Second, I love parlsey. So parsley orzo...pretty much my dream side dish. Side poll: does anyone like to just eat parsley? Raw?

I do.

Anyway, this was a great find and will be folded into the regular routine.


Anonymous said...

Can you add like a scratch and sniff? Or better yet, like star trek you could beam samples to peoples disc drives. Of couse I will have to take my coffee cup out first. Wow that looks good!
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

looks pretty tasty Gert! Did Nate cook that on the grill?

Becca said...

Side poll answer: Yes, I love eating raw parsley. Just ate some last night in fact at one of our fave restaurants. Raw parsley, feta cheese, radishes and hot pita bread.