Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Winter Escape!

Last weekend was our annual trek to the Wisconsin Dells and this year did not disappoint. I have such vivid visions of these four crazy kids running the halls and chasing each other just like I did with my cousins when we went to Midway Motor Lodge each winter. Look at these faces--don't the just scream: "we are going to own this place someday"?

And then there is this one and his partner-in crime. The two beefiest beefcakes there ever was. Otis reminded me a lot of Finn the first time we all went (except of course that Finn had 6 adults falling over themselves to take care of 1 child and Otis was just lucky to not drown). But I digress--Otis and Finn, alike because all they cared about in life was having a basketball from the big kid pool.

Cash got in on that action too.

 And then there is Miss Bea. Queen of the Littles, or the littlest Big. She can't quite hang with the big kids yet, but doesn't have too much interest in just being with the babies. So she does her own thing. Like riding this beaver....
And swimming like a fish. I was quite annoyed that the Wilderness makes kids wear life jackets now. They are bulky and uncomfortable and after the 2nd day Bea was done with them. I spent a solid chunk of time chasing her around and trying to force her into a life jacket and then she just plunged into the pool and laughed at me (as she sank to the bottom). This girl....

And this one too... never ending adoration for her cousins.

 This is one of my favorite family traditions and I look forward to it so much every year. I can't wait until they all want to take on the big slides and hang in the hot tub all day.

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