Sunday, January 24, 2016

Don't Call This a Comeback

After not blogging for almost 6 full months, and hemming and hawing about how/when/what the first post back would look like, I decided to just throw-down this post to break the seal and start to get my groove back.

I could blame it on three kids being 'so crazy', but the reality is that is only a half-truth. I am a 'heart-on-your-sleeve' kinda gal, and I really struggle blogging when there is a big piece of my life and current state that I cannot share. And there was a LOT of that this fall. Stuff that I won't bore you with the details on.

But what I have learned from all of that quiet baggage is that sometimes you have to focus on something right in front of you to see the bigger picture. And right now this is my bigger picture:

This guy is almost a year old, and it is blowing my mind. And I am truly sorry you guys (if anyone is still out there) have missed out on all the amazingness that is one Mr. Otis Hanson. But I promise to make it up to you on Tuesday.

One of my goals of 2016 (because I don't really do resolutions) was to start blogging more. I am not sure it will be up to my 16 times a month like the pre-kid days, but it will be more than once every six months. How's that for a super achievable goal?


Anonymous said...

Yea!!!!! What a great little guy that Otis is!!!


Debra Arbit said...

Yay!!! I was getting very tired if deerfoot. Otis is much cuter than that place anyway. Happy almost birthday big guy!

Alizeti said...

I love seeing how happy and healthy you all are from afar. Thank you for sharing and updating!

Garima said...


Choo Say said...

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