Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Sick One

After an afternoon of coughing, fever and urgent care, Nate plopped down on the couch tonight and said: "Bea really is a sickly child."

Now, I know that in the scheme of sickness she is closer to the healthy end of the spectrum than the sick end of the spectrum. Our illnesses are not serious. But they are....persistent.

And the bummer about it is that she is a totally different kid when she is healthy (but again, who isn't?), and just when we catch a glimpse of how laid back, silly, independent she is, she catches the next virus du jour and she is sad, unrested, clingy and crabby.

Yes, I definitely miss my Beezy when she is under the weather. Especially, since this little monkey clings to her daddy when she isn't feeling well. But here is the thing.....we are not sleeping in this house. And we have a newborn coming in lets call it under 9 days. 

I am not asking for a miracle of health for the rest of the winter. In fact, I am fairly certain this baby will have whatever whopping cough/pneumonia/flu that Bea currently has before it actually comes home from the hospital. But dear lord, PLEASE let us get a few solid nights of sleep before this baby comes.

And if you can throw in a wake-up call that has 6 in it instead of a 5 that would sure be an added bonus.


Anonymous said...

up at the 5s gets you worms don't ya know....hang in there...its gottat get better sometime, heck the kids will start driving soon..... :)
Uncle Todd

Anonymous said...

Poor Beasly....Maybe Baby Clifford will exorcise all the bugs from Bea!!!


Anonymous said...

Worms are great if you are going fishing............but for work, sleeping children, work and play I don't think asking for a 6ish wakeup is too much to ask for. Hang in there Mama G.
We are looking forward to "the call"...Good Luck and Get Well Bea. Mom