Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Things We Miss

We have officially been in the house for a little over a week and while we are loving the bigger space, the muted noises (thank you carpet), and a kitchen that allows us to prep and also interact with the girls while they are playing there are definitely things we miss about the old house:

1) Ease of Cleaning
Holy smokes. If you want to sweep the bathroom upstairs, you have to go downstairs and get teh broom, which for some reason feels so much more difficult than taking two steps in the little house.  It feels like we need a toilet brush for every level. And we might just be vacuuming the rest of our lives.  I am sure some of you would suggest a cleaner, but let me just stop right there and say that is definitely not in the cards (or budget) at this point.

2) Grass
This is temporary. We will have grass, again, someday, at the new house. But for right now, it is a massive dirt pile. And Bea only wants to eat dirt. So there is that.

3) Our nice, cool bedroom
Oh man, how do I miss this. For some reason, the one thing that isn't quite working the way we want is our HVAC and cooling the upstairs--specifically our bedroom, which is specifically the room I prefer to be cold all year long. So every night I go to bed complaining it is so hot. Our little house bedroom was wear a sweatshirt and socks to bed cold, and I loved it. Something tells me I will never need to sleep in a sweatshirt ever again.

4) Living RIGHT next to some of our favorite people
One would think that being two doors down instead of 1 door down wouldn't make a big difference, but it does! We don't see our friends, the Teskey's, nearly as much as we used to, and Matilda just points to their house and says "where is Elena". I am still mourning the loss of our 'tunnel in between the houses" idea.

5) Girls "sharing a room"
Don't be confused--the girls did not EVER share a sleeping space. But essentially Bea just slept in teh basement (#secondborn) but all of her stuff like clothes, diapers, etc were in Tillie's room. It was so easy. Now we put Bea to bed, and then I realize I need something from the changing table for Matilda. And for some reason, I am feeling to stubborn to buy duplicates of everything.

Other than that, we are loving the new digs (minus a few moments where Matilda has said she doesn't want to go to the big house, she wants to go to her little house). Will post pictures soon!


Emily said...

Tunnel could still would just be a tad longer and go under a street. Matilda will change her tune when she's in middle school and wants her own! Cannot wait to see the house. It makes me tear up just thinking about it!

Marna said...

Just tell Matilda that lots of people just got a "Big House": Leo, Finn, Uncle Baby R, Aunt Marna, Meghan, etc, etc. And YES you need to buy a toilet brush & cleanser for every bathroom - you don't want to drip from room to room :)

Shelley Coday said...

You're right; moving into a new nest leads to adjustments. Your little kids are taking it quite differently, with Matilda wanting to return to the old one, and cute little Bea loving the dirt. Are you concerned with your HVAC issues? It's summer, and the heat could be unbearable. After all, if you could adjust, perhaps your new house could do some adjusting as well. Once this is fixed, it should work really well. Good luck!

Shelley Coday @ C&C Cooling and Air-Conditioning

Sina Teskey, RD, LD said...

Tunnel now = magic travel. It is a so important to me to keep the girls in touch ...near or far